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Business Dashboard: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes Written On Paper

  Starting too Complex:  Start with the simple, but critical metrics. Metrics nobody understands:   Information needs to be clearly understood by a fourth grader.  Cluttered with unimportant graphics:  There is power and beauty in simplicity. Waiting on big business intelligence projects:   Some data is better than none at all.  And it will never be perfect.… Read more »

Business Dashboard: 5 Best Practices

Blurred Out Dashboard And Speedometer

Last month I introduced the concept of a business dashboard as a tool for monitoring your business. Monitoring KPI in the months or years prior to selling your business will facilitate exit strategy success by helping you to organize and monitor relevant information and tasks. In general the following best practices enhance the functionality of any… Read more »

What To Do When the Boss Is a Tax Evader

Monopoly Luxury Tax Square

Private company owners who are tax evaders can cause stress, unemployment and legal problems for CFOs, treasurers and controllers.   B2B CFO’s founder and CEO,  Jerry L. Mills, contributor to CFO.com shares insight and repercussions to business owners who are tax evaders.   Full article and all of contributed articles by Jerry L. Mills can be found… Read more »