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Master of Science in Business Administration

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Michael’s Bio

Michael is a business professional with over 36 years experience in finance, working as a Controller, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer and as a B2B CFO®. His industry background includes marketing, manufacturing, plastic injection molding, consumer electronic products and construction. He has worked in small to medium size private companies working with entrepreneurs. He understands their thought process and is able to provide them with experienced insight. Mike has participated in both the purchase and sale of companies. He is skilled in developing financial plans that lead to success through the use of clear strategies and measurable objectives.

An outstanding project leader, Mike has been very active in project activities such as software implementation, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning, QS-9001, Sales and Operations Planning; these activities have provided him with a firm foundation to help understand and communicate operational needs. As a businessman, Mike understands the fundamentals necessary for an organization to succeed.

Having worked for companies with extremely high growth, Mike has also been successful helping firms downsize during difficult economic conditions. In particular, he recognizes that the most important component for any company is cash. Mike has become skilled at developing models to help predict cash needs and forecast line of credit availability.

Experienced at integrating and consolidating software systems, Mike can help lead organizations transitioning from basic accounting systems to more complex or wholly integrated processes and software. In particular, he understands the needs of a growing business and knows how to develop the procedures, policies and controls necessary to protect company assets and improve financial reporting systems through organizational discipline.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Cash Management
  • Leading the strategic planning process
  • Improved credibility of financial reports intended for external and internal stakeholders
  • ERP system implementation
  • Business Modeling
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Manufacturing standard costing systems
  • Training of finance / accounting staff
  • Effective leader of corporate initiatives like margin improvements, inventory reductions, and cost reductions
  • Inventory Control
  • Cycle Counting
  • Management of IT and HR functions
  • Turnarounds
  • Managing Legal Liability

Mike holds a BS in General Management, a Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting as well as a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University. In addition, Mike earned his CPA certificate from the State of Indiana in 1983.

A life-long resident of Fort Wayne, Mike and his wife, Rebecca, have been married 35 years and live with 4 of their 6 children, still at home. In his spare time, he enjoys family activities, golf, coaching baseball and working with youth in their church.

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Fort Wayne Has Talent

My daughter Christy loves Fort Wayne.  Having worked for the Downtown Improvement District, she was able to meet many like-minded people.   That led to her working as a production assistant in the development of the music video HIPHOP4THECITY.  This video which was released early this year was a local sensation. HipHop4TheCity “HipHop4theCity is a community based hip hop project that involves the collaboration of 19 local hip hop artists and World Champion children’s choir, Voices of Unity. The organization has

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Located at the heart of our state is one of the finest medical facilities in the world, the IU medical facilities in Indianapolis. I owe my life to these hospitals. I was born with a congenital defect in 1957. I think it is worthwhile to note that anyone born with this defect prior to 1950 is no longer alive. In 1958, I had my first surgery at Riley Hospital. That was followed with a second in 1959 and then more

I’m Making Money, So Why Don’t I Have Any?

Cash and having enough to meet the needs of a small business can become an overwhelming concern for the business owner. This can be particularly trying when the profit and loss statement indicate that the company is doing well. Small organizations may not have the internal expertise or relationship with external professionals to understand how cash can be tied up in assets or liabilities and that leads to the obvious statement, “I’m making money, so why can’t I tell it?

Don't Think ERP Is Just Software

I’ve led a couple of MRP II implementations, and while I don’t consider myself an expert on too many things, I know quite a bit about what is necessary to have a world class ERP implementation. While you need good software, that isn’t the real key. The key is the quality of data the software uses. Bill of materials MUST be 98% accurate or better. First a definition…accuracy is measured as check 100 items on bill of materials. If the

How Do You Spend Your Time?

So, how do you spend your time?  It’s an important question and I’ll guess your success or lack thereof may be directly related to this question.  The Founder of B2B CFO®, Jerry Mills, wrote in his book The Danger Zone, about three types of people in business: Finders, Minders and Grinders. Jerry defines these types on their activities. Finders are successful leaders and owners who spend most of their time thinking about the future: What are we going to do?

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

I’m a strong believer that you learn more from mistakes or failures than from your successes.  Often, those mistakes may have been very painful experiences, but very valuable.  I also think my father provided very sound advice: “Learn from your mistakes, but it’s cheaper and less painful to learn from other people’s mistakes!” I was involved with a company that determined the wisest course of action was to increase market share.  Their goal was to become the dominate entity in

Stop Taking Physical Inventories, Cycle Count

Back in 1989, I led what was then called an MPR II implementation project for Thunderbird Formula boats  (http://www.formulaboats.com/).  We had many objectives that we wanted to reach and one of them was to be able to look at the quantity listed as “On Hand” and trust the number was correct.  For too long, our purchasing personnel simply didn’t trust the numbers.  Instead, to be certain that they knew the right quantity on hand, they would go find the inventory

Not Knowing Your Costs, Can Kill You!

Many years ago, I went to work for a rapidly growing, successful company.   One of the first items presented to me was the company’s effort to move production of the top two selling items in the firm to a production facility in Mexico.  Management was really excited about this opportunity.  I remember distinctly being told that the company would save 15% on these products once transfer of production took place. Finally, the day came and production of these units was

Don't Ignore the Tax Consequence!

I’m not a tax expert.  In fact, I admit that I prefer to avoid questions related to taxes. .. that doesn’t mean I ignore taxes altogether though.  Fortunately, I have a pretty good idea of what I know well enough to provide advise and that line where I need to get help. Unfortunately, many firms or business managers ignore or are ignorant of activities that can create significant potential liabilities for their firm.  Nexus is a legal term that essentially means an event

Like a Good Marriage, It Takes Commitment!

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was involved in a full scale argument with my wife of about 3 weeks.  Now, understand, I grew up in a house where I never heard my parents argue.  It just wasn’t done.  Sure mom and dad had discussions together when they disagreed, but a raise-your-voice-heated exchange?  Never happened, never has.  The consequence of our argument was clear to me… my marriage was doomed.  Arguing was a clear sign, in my mind;

You Get What You Measure!

As a business person you need to have goal clarity.  One of my B2B CFO® partners, Rick Daigle wrote a great blog on the importance of goal clarity that I strongly recommend (Osprey parenting).  In his blog, Rick points out that the male Osprey knows that he has to catch six fish every day to support his mate and hatchlings. In business, too often, the CEO may not know what information is really important and key for their business to

Close the Loop!

For management to have a good idea of what is taking place with their company, they need to have access to all the information related to the company.  Many firms are satisfied looking at information after the fact, when they review the financial statements.  Unfortunately that is almost always too late.  I’ve seen it happen in construction too many times as an example.  A project is nearing completion, all the reports look like the project will finish under budget when

Flexibility – The Key to Sound Budgeting

  Early in my career, I had a narrow view of budgeting.  To me, budgeting was a very constricted exercise that an organization plodded through annually.   At the end of the process, the company would generate a very defined budget that was “hard-coded”.  By hard-coded, I mean a set number or desired number for each account on the projected income statement, by month, for the budget year.  Then, when this process was generated, these numbers would be entered into a

Budgeting Full Cycle – Completing the Task!

  Once a budget for revenue and expenses for the year is established (see last month blog, Flexibility-The Key to Sound Budgeting), I strongly recommend that you continue on and also budget for balance sheet items.  To be honest, there was a time in my career that I viewed trying to budget assets and liabilities as a tremendous waste of time, and if the budget was stagnant and we missed our sales targets, it was!  However, using flexible budgeting, you

Got Goals?

“I’ve always felt it was extremely important to set goals for yourself.  After the 1967 season, our entire staff was fired at South Carolina where I was an assistant.  My wife bought me a book entitled The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.  So I sat down and made a list of all the things I still wanted to accomplish in life, and there were 107 of them.  Some of them involved traveling, some of them were a little

Listen to the Customer, Everybody Wins!

“Mike, you know, we were talking about it the other day and we aren’t even the same company we were when we first met you last year.  Dave (operations manager) told me that if we hadn’t made these changes over the past year, we wouldn’t even be able to meet our customer demand today.”  I have to admit, when I look back on it, the changes over the past year were significant; the company had underperformed for the past three

CFO or Soothsayer?

What is the difference between a good CFO and a great CFO?  Maybe we should start with some basics…what does a CFO do anyway?  Typically, these responsibilities fall into three general categories: Accounting – Oversight of the Controller function.  Typically the controller is responsible for the accuracy of the reporting of financial information; in other words, accounting and accounting personnel.  This function tends to focus on activities that are in the past as well as protecting the assets of the

Know Yourself!

In life, it is important to know your individual strengths and to recognize your limitations or weaknesses.    For a person employed professionally this becomes more important.  You really need to know what you do well and where you need help.  On my first day in a new job, I was introduced to my administrative assistant, “Terry”.  This was a luxury I had never previously enjoyed.  Later, when we met privately, we discussed how we worked best and told her what

Master the Basics of Business

I’ve seen it more times than I care to…a company develops a great vision of growth, begins following through with that plan for growth and then suddenly it all comes to a grinding halt because the company doesn’t have the processes in place to support the growth. I think if I use a sports analogy the idea might be clearer. All football teams have a playbook. This book includes those plays that the team expects to run. Each play details

GPS for Cash Management

Recently, I was able to travel to France with my wife and one of my daughters. Knowing that we were going to be driving a car for a portion of the trip, I was advised that some type of GPS device would be very helpful. So we bit the bullet and purchased a unit. After we rented the car, we went through the usual series of events with a rental car…find the car, figure out how to start it with