Minimizing Distractions in the Process of Selling Your Company

What if you are about to obtain a check for $70,000,000 for the close of a sale and you become distracted during the process? The sale not only fell through, but you are left with over $850,000 in expenses from a failed transaction, plus other unexpected and unpleasant problems. This is a realistic and very devastating problem.file000884219889

In today’s world, we are surrounded with multiple outlets of communication, multitasking, and distractions. To help become better equip and stay on the path of success, leverage these tips from The Exit Strategy Handbook in avoiding distractions:

  • Work as if the sales transaction will fall through
  • Work up to the day of the close
  • Remain the innovator, the dreamer, the visionary and the idea generator
  • Try to keep your Finding Activities to 70% or more of your time
  • Set realistic goals and start the process to achieve those goals
  • Delegate as much as possible to The Success Team™ and hold the individual members accountable
  • Fire and replace unproductive members of The Success Team™
  • Ask a trusted advisor to immediately tell you if they feel you are getting too distracted.

Stay Focused. Never quit. Success goes to those who are persistent and never give up.

How will you decide between what is important and what is most important today?

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