Hoosier Medical Facillties Are World Class

Located at the heart of our state is one of the finest medical facilities in the world, the IU medical facilities in Indianapolis. I owe my life to these hospitals. I was born with a congenital defect in 1957. I think it is worthwhile to note that anyone born with this defect prior to 1950 is no longer alive. In 1958, I had my first surgery at Riley Hospital. That was followed with a second in 1959 and then more surgery in 1966 and two surgeries in 1967. I’ve had a number of minor surgeries but these were the “biggies”. Without them, I’m dead.
I’ve had a urinary bag since 1966…I was eight years old. It was a remarkable transformation for me. Unfortunately, the internal tubes or ureters that carry urine from the kidneys to the urinary bag started to give me problems about a year ago. My local urologist suggested that I visit the specialists in Indianapolis at the IU medical center, Dr. Richard Bihrle.
Dr. Bihrle is a professor of urology at the IU medical school. He is calm and patient. When we met with him, we were surprised at his relaxed demeanor and his willingness to answer all our questions. It was clear that his experience helped him intuitively understand the challenges of operating on my abdomen.
I’ve had additional surgeries and the amount of adhesions is significant. He talked about the challenges of operating on me but also with a confidence that helped make us comfortable. We scheduled the surgery for September 14 and the surgery went smoothly. After the operation, I was placed in the intensive care area for two days and then moved to the sixth floor of University Hospital. Most of the patients on this floor are urology patients and the nursing staff is incredibly knowledgeable. In my case, every nurse that was responsible for my care knew how to change my urinary bag. They were proactive and interested and I was impressed. The facility is remarkable, the care spectacular and the doctors extraordinary. We can all be proud of this hospital.

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