Fort Wayne Has Talent

My daughter Christy loves Fort Wayne.  Having worked for the Downtown Improvement District, she was able to meet many like-minded people.   That led to her working as a production assistant in the development of the music video HIPHOP4THECITY.  This video which was released early this year was a local sensation.


“HipHop4theCity is a community based hip hop project that involves the collaboration of 19 local hip hop artists and World Champion children’s choir, Voices of Unity. The organization has been working on the project for nine months now, and even enlisted help from multi-platinum recording rap artist, Mike Jones.

“It’s about showing Fort Wayne off. We’re promoting these awesome artists from Fort Wayne who people might not even know, some of the great landmarks in the city, as well as some other talent like Kelly Lynch from Lynchpin Pictures and his camera crew. I mean this guy will be Spielberg someday!” said Shane Araujo, Co-Founder of A Better Fort”.


I love this city and love this concept.  Young people came together and created a video highlighting many of the city landmarks like Coney Island and Parkview Field.  We have talent.  We have resources and we have bright minds working to showcase Fort Wayne.  I think this is the beginning of something very good for our town.

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