Finding Your Why: Make a Decision

Initial conversations with my clients usually begin with “how” questions; How do I get the most value from the sale of my business?; How can I find a buyer?; How much is my business worth?; How do I know which experts to consult when I plan to leave the business? The answers to these questions, while relevant, are not the first questions you should address when thinking about selling your business. In fact, I tell clients to take a step back and ask a more meaningful question. I tell them to ask themselves why.”

Why can be difficult to answer but, in the end, knowing the answer to your “why” will always give you a blueprint for future decision making.  Guest blogger Nikki Lewallen believes that “Why, when clearly defined, is the driving force behind the hard work that you will put in to achieve what you want.” Read Lewallen’s full post entitled Finding Your Why: Make a Decision.

photo credit: art Easel Question Ws via photopin (license)

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