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Why Should I Bother Valuing My Business?

It’s not uncommon to be asked by a business owner, “why should I bother with a business valuation?” Sometimes the question is because of concern over the cost of an appraisal, sometimes because of the time involved and sometimes simply because the business owner sees no purpose in the exercise. Why bother valuing a family… Read more »

They can’t count and then they can’t add

Most companies take physical inventories on December 31.  Today’s memo is being emailed on New Years Day.  So, a short note about inventory. The title of this:  “they can’t count and then they can’t add” is a direct quote from the controller of one of my long time clients.  They have been in business over… Read more »

Why The Competition Isn’t Your Business Enemy

The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.   About the Author: Jim Joseph is the North American president of New York-based communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, part of the media company WPP Group PLC. He is the author of three books, including the latest, The Personal Experience Effect (Happy About 2013). Joseph also… Read more »