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The Coming Small Business Exodus

My Central Indiana partners and I delivered the following message to our clients and trusted advisors today.  I hope my blog readers will find this information useful as well. Many M&A experts anticipate a significant increase in the number of small U.S. businesses coming to market  over the next 10 to 15 years.  Typical estimates,… Read more »

What Is Your Exit Strategy?

When someone schedules a meeting with you, one of you will typically ask, “how much time do you need,” so you know the allotted time you have and when it will end.  When you go with your family to see a movie, you know it will be over within a few hours, so you can… Read more »

Jerry Mills Named Top 5 Finalist for Leader Award

Our firm has been focused for years on helping business owners prepare for the eventual exit of their business. Last year, B2B CFO® released a new handbook specifically designed for business owners, The Exit Strategy Handbook, The BEST Guide for Selling Your Business. This book has been very well received by business owners and their… Read more »