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Doug’s vast knowledge and experience in banking and business was extremely helpful to our company. Doug was able to compare the major profitability factors of our business to other companies. This helped us make positive changes in expense, margin and profitability. I would highly recommend Doug to evaluate and help make positive profitable changes to… Read more »

Does Our WHY Benefit You?

I am very passionate about what we get to do at B2B CFO® because it is truly about helping business owners as individuals. We are here during our clients’ successes as well their struggles. Last week, I was at our national partner meeting for B2B CFO®, and I was moved by one of our partners, Ken Saddler, and… Read more »

My Interview on the Zipline Recently, I was featured on Zipline with Tony Scelzo. In a nutshell, I prepare my clients for a well executed exit strategy through proper planning. In my role as a trusted adviser, I bring many years of experience as a CFO and business owner.  The video highlights several ways that I guide business owners… Read more »

Startups: Growth Can Be Painful Without Preparation

Guest post by Jennifer Foster If you ask Jon Stein, CEO and founder of Betterment and author of Your Startup Is A Tribe (And Your Customers Are Members, Too), he’ll affirm that leading the fast-paced nature of a newborn business is not for the faint hearted. Assembling the right team of individuals and then striving to maintain an… Read more »

How Baseball Makes You a Better Leader

When I watch a baseball game, I’m not only looking at the strengths of individual players but the strategy and execution the team exhibits during the game. The winning team is a combination of the skill players bring to the game and the leadership a great coach brings to his or her players. You can’t… Read more »