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Do You Have an Employee Manual?

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In prepping your business for a prospective buyer, you should include an inventory of all your business systems as part of your exit strategy. One system I’d like to highlight today is the employee manual. It’s surprising to me that so many companies lack this necessary document. Employee manuals should include information on all the… Read more »

Increasing the Value of Your Business

Whether you’re selling your company or not, every owner wants to increase the value of their business. In this short video, I talk about how to build your business with the end in mind. If you’re considering the sale of your business but don’t know where to begin, contact me for a free Discovery Analysis. photo… Read more »

Viewing Your Future Buyer as a Customer

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The future buyer of your business should be viewed as a customer. As the owner of your business, you’ve become an expert at finding the needs of your customers. You spend significant time and resources to define the customer’s needs in order to fulfill them. You are most likely to have a tremendous amount of competitive drive to… Read more »

Finding Your Why: Make a Decision

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Initial conversations with my clients usually begin with “how” questions; How do I get the most value from the sale of my business?; How can I find a buyer?; How much is my business worth?; How do I know which experts to consult when I plan to leave the business? The answers to these questions,… Read more »

Jeff Farren’s Interview on Hoosier Hometown Heroes

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Once a business owner decides to sell the company, he has to adapt to two seemingly diametrically opposed ideas: how to leave the business behind and how to keep the business growing. Tony Valle asks some intriguing questions about exit planning strategy. Thank you Tony for having me on the show!     photo credit:… Read more »