Business Dashboard: 7 Mistakes to Avoid


  1. Starting too Complex:  Start with the simple, but critical metrics.
  2. Metrics nobody understands:   Information needs to be clearly understood by a fourth grader.
  3.  Cluttered with unimportant graphics:  There is power and beauty in simplicity.
  4. Waiting on big business intelligence projects:   Some data is better than none at all.  And it will never be perfect.
  5.  Underestimating the time it takes to maintain: Remember, garbage in…garbage out!
  6. Failing to match metrics to goals:   If data isn’t actionable & relevant to goals, what’s the point?
  7.  Using poorly designed graphics and charts: It won’t be useful if not properly designed.  See 5 Best Practices above!


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photo credit: The four capital mistakes of open source via photopin (license)


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