Announcing My New Educational Seminar Series

Would you be prepared mentally to leave your business? It’s a hard question to answer without guidance. I believe that education is the best way to help my clients understand and make necessary changes to successfully execute the best business exit. My Leading to Your Exit Series is designed for business owners who are interested in developing an exit strategy for their business.  I will have guest thought leaders at each session to share experience, best practices, and winning techniques. An exit strategy, planned in advance, increases the chances of a profitable exit. By sharing actionable and practical tips through this series, I want to help you get a high level view of important business exit considerations.

The first 20 people who REGISTER using promo code B2BCFO will receive a complimentary ticket to the first seminar. Click here for more information. I would be honored to have you attend.

The Leading to Your Exit Series consists of 8 two hour sessions.

Session 1 (May 14th): Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Exit: Are You Mentally Prepared to Leave Your Business? In May, Tom Richardson, a performance coach and trainer, will help us prepare mentally to leave our business and prepare our plan for success in transition. Register for this session.

Session 2 (August 27th): Begin with the End in Mind: Monetizing the Value of Your Business 
Understand the after tax proceeds you need to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Session 3 (November 5th): Valuation Principles
How will the market value your business?

Additional Topics Coming in 2015:

  • Choosing the Right Investment Banker/M&A Firm
  • Selling Your Secret Sauce – Process Documentation
  • Importance of a Rock Solid IT Infrastructure
  • Human Capital and its Impact on Company Value






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