Month: August 2014

Why Should I Use a PEO?

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I often stress to my clients the importance of cultivating their employee and management teams as part of the exit strategy process (you can read about maximizing the value of your company’s human capital here). For some businesses it makes better sense to outsource human resource needs. According to Joe Worth, Vice President of Operations… Read more »

Where Do You Want to Go?

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Creating a vision for your company is a strategic process. In the following video, I introduce my six step process and talk about the types of business owners I help. photo credit: Taxi Antigo / Old Taxi via photopin (license)

How to Protect Your Secret Sauce

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When selling your business there are certain assets that are considered legally protected intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and copyrights. Frequently, business owners are not even aware that they have intellectual property assets to protect. Before you set a sale date for your business, hire an attorney to begin a review of your intellectual and intangible assets.… Read more »

Next Seminar in my Series

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Please join me for the next seminar in my Leading to Your Exit Series, which is designed for business owners and professionals who are interested in developing an exit strategy for their business. I will be accompanied by an esteemed panel of guest thought leaders who will share their experiences, best practices and proven techniques to guide… Read more »

The Data Room

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The Business Exit Planning process had a number of key milestones.  The Due Diligence Period is a critical stage, and it is vital that it go both smoothly and with the least amount of disruption to the day to day operation of the business.  Advance planning can achieve this desired result.  Well before a buyer… Read more »