Month: July 2014

Do You Have an Employee Manual?

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In prepping your business for a prospective buyer, you should include an inventory of all your business systems as part of your exit strategy. One system I’d like to highlight today is the employee manual. It’s surprising to me that so many companies lack this necessary document. Employee manuals should include information on all the… Read more »

Testomonial – Whitestone Feeds

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Doug’s vast knowledge and experience in banking and business was extremely helpful to our company. Doug was able to compare the major profitability factors of our business to other companies. This helped us make positive changes in expense, margin and profitability. I would highly recommend Doug to evaluate and help make positive profitable changes to… Read more »

Viewing Your Future Buyer as a Customer

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The future buyer of your business should be viewed as a customer. As the owner of your business, you’ve become an expert at finding the needs of your customers. You spend significant time and resources to define the customer’s needs in order to fulfill them. You are most likely to have a tremendous amount of competitive drive to… Read more »

A Seller’s Market

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One of the first concerns business owners have after deciding to sell a business is whether or not they’ll get top value for it. Obtaining top value depends on your ability to sell your business under the best possible circumstances. In this short video, I discuss three ways to create a seller’s market for your… Read more »