Month: June 2014

Exit Strategy: Focus and Be a Finder

As a business owner who is planning an exit, you need to stay focused on the endgame: to get the most value from the sale of your company. An integral part of the exit planning process involves increasing the value of your business before a sale takes place. This requires time and discipline. The process I guide my clients… Read more »

Why I Do

Married Couple Holding Hands

Recently, my son got married and said I Do. We had a great time with family and friends as well as meeting many others from the bride’s family. I’m proud to have a new daughter-in-law added to the family. I’ve been blessed with a marriage that’s lasted 36 years and going strong. But, getting back to… Read more »

Designing a Business Dashboard

Lit Up Dashboard And Speedometer

An integral part of exit strategy execution requires you to have access to data that is relevant to the success of your business as well as your exit strategy. One of the most valuable tools a business owner can have is a dashboard of Key Performance Metrics (KPI).  Similar to dashboards which appear in automobiles,… Read more »