Month: May 2014

Maximizing the Value of Your Company’s Human Capital

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While there are several factors to consider when planning an exit strategy, your employee and management team is one of the most important. Key personnel are an asset to your company, an asset that buyers will take into consideration when evaluating your company for purchase. Advance exit strategy preparation will allow you to highlight the… Read more »

Is Your Team Enabling or Hindering Company Growth

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Guest post by Jennifer Foster.  Ever wonder how some of the largest companies in the world actually started? And, better yet, what separated them from the competition trying to do just the same thing? Most highly successful companies — no matter their size — know that the team they assemble is crucial to helping their business… Read more »

Announcing My New Educational Seminar Series

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Would you be prepared mentally to leave your business? It’s a hard question to answer without guidance. I believe that education is the best way to help my clients understand and make necessary changes to successfully execute the best business exit. My Leading to Your Exit Series is designed for business owners who are interested in developing an exit… Read more »

Does Our WHY Benefit You?

I am very passionate about what we get to do at B2B CFO® because it is truly about helping business owners as individuals. We are here during our clients’ successes as well their struggles. Last week, I was at our national partner meeting for B2B CFO®, and I was moved by one of our partners, Ken Saddler, and… Read more »