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My Interview on the Zipline

Recently, I was featured on Zipline with Tony Scelzo. In a nutshell, I prepare my clients for a well executed exit strategy through proper planning. In my role as a trusted adviser, I bring many years of experience as a CFO and business owner.  The video highlights several ways that I guide business owners including how to manage relationships with external stakeholders such as banks.…

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Startups: Growth Can Be Painful Without Preparation

Guest post by Jennifer Foster

If you ask Jon Stein, CEO and founder of Betterment and author of Your Startup Is A Tribe (And Your Customers Are Members, Too), he’ll affirm that leading the fast-paced nature of a newborn business is not for the faint hearted. Assembling the right team of individuals and then striving to maintain an objective company balance while promoting quick growth is a difficult (and sometimes painful) task.…

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How Baseball Makes You a Better Leader

When I watch a baseball game, I’m not only looking at the strengths of individual players but the strategy and execution the team exhibits during the game. The winning team is a combination of the skill players bring to the game and the leadership a great coach brings to his or her players.…

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