Month: March 2014

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Sales Person

As many of you know, I like to share information from strategic partners who are trusted advisers to my clients. I regularly feature Mark Thacker from Propelis Consulting because I value his knowledge and insight. Consider these tips when hiring for your next sales position.   A recent Manpower study revealed that the most difficult… Read more »

Be An Inspiring Leader

One of the key attributes of an amazing leader is the ability to inspire.  I think all of us look up to leaders who do this well. The following article from Forbes highlights the value of inspiration in leadership and how that motivation results in the continued success of a company. Read the original article… Read more »

Take Action

Many of us struggle getting started on that daunting new task, new business opportunity, loosing weight, or exercising.  Over the years, too many of us say we’ll  start that tomorrow, or next week, or when I have more free time, or business slows down, or whatever other reason (excuse) we can come up with. The… Read more »

7 Steps to Better Pre-Call Planning

In business, there is nothing more effective than a well-planned phone call or meeting. A bad phone call or meeting on the other hand, can be detrimental. There is no agenda, no purpose, or even worse – one of your associates calls a potential client the wrong name. I was happy to see some guidelines… Read more »