Month: September 2013

Increasing the Value of Your Business

In my last post, I discussed the issue of the difference between what the owner thinks his business is worth, and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. In order to close that gap, it’s very important that the owner start taking steps immediately to improve the business, thereby increasing the value of… Read more »

How much is your business is really worth?

Unfortunately, probably not as much as the owner thinks it is. According to B2B CFO®’s The Exit Strategy Handbook, business owners often feel: Buyers and appraisers are intentionally undervaluing the business The prospective buyer does not really understand the true value of the business The various valuation methods are not realistic ways to calculate value… Read more »

Contingency Planning – Essential for your Business

Many business owners are good at contingency planning in their business. They plan for disasters hitting their physical facilities, computer networks, and perhaps the departure of key people. Surprisingly, few business owners plan for the departure of the most important person in the business and the one thing that is certain– their own eventual death… Read more »